Research Supervision

(Former and Current Students)
  1. Mr. Jhavi Lal Ghimire (PhD Running)
    Topic: A Study of Topological Structures of Linear Spaces of Generalized Sequences
  2. Mr. Jagat Krishna Pokhrel (PhD Running)
    Topic: A Study of Generalized Sequences and Functions Through Summability Method
  3. Mr. Gyan Prasad Paudel (PhD Running)
    Topic: A Study of Generalized Sequence Space through Fuzzy Structure
  4. Keshav Raj Adhikari (MPhil Running)
    Topic: A study on Fixed Point Theorems in Partial Metric Spaces
  5. Khum Bahadur Basnet  (Master’s Completed 2015)
    Topic: A Sequence Spaces of Matrices over C* Algebra
  6. Shanti Ram Adhikari (Master’s Completed 2015)
    Topic: Basic Sequence and Principle of Local Reflexivity in Banach Space
  7. Ram Kaji Gurung (Master’s Completed 2016)
    Topic: Spectral Theory of Self Adjoint Operator and its applications to the Laplace Operator
  8. Prajjwal Thokar (Master’s Completed 2019)
    Topic: Hahn Banach Theorem and Some of its Applications
  9. Padam Prasad Ghimire (Master’s Completing Soon)
    Topic: Banach Contraction Principle and its Applications